• Ethereum +5.27
    $148.14 +3.69%
  • Bitcoin +44.67
    $3,955.10 +1.14%
  • DigitalCash +1.68
    $87.47 +1.96%
  • Cardano +0.00
    $0.04712 +4.20%
  • Ripple +0.01
    $0.3301 +2.13%
  • Ethereum Classic +0.18
    $4.68 +4.00%
  • Litecoin +3.86
    $51.10 +8.17%
  • Trigger +0.00
    $0.07831 +0.00%
  • WarpCoin +0.00
    $0.1481 +0.00%

Our Coins

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Gold Bank Coin

Under a system of pure equality, the Gold Bank Coin is the answer for recognizing each user. In contrast to traditional banks, every holder of the Gold Bank Coin receives guaranteed and consistent profit. The only requirement of the user is to own the coin.

Gold Coin

As the domestic currency of the system, Gold Coin will be the standardized coin for use within the exchange house. While the Gold Bank Coin offers ownership and other services for its holders, the Gold Coin will be one of the many other circulated coins on the exchange.

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Loan Coin

Loan Coin is purely dedicated to the activity of borrowing money between users. Through local and international territories, Loan Coin may be used without restrictions. Contrary to the traditional banking system, Loan Coin is a solution to decentralize the autonomy of common institutions.

Rent Coin

This currency comes up as a solution for users who desire to rent immovable properties. It seeks to prevent common problems that occur in current property administration software by providing the user with a more efficient and immediate payment process.

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Hispana Coin

Hispana Coin is a currency used for making payments to common businesses. Its utilization allows small economies in developing countries to grow and prosper. It allows anyone to purchase goods and services from a business by using The Gold B app on their smartphone or through The Gold B’s distributed debit and credit cards. Brinda la facilidad de efectuar pagos por medio de teléfonos celulares o tarjetas especializadas en The Gold B.

World X Coin

The World X Coin will serve as a currency inside of an exclusive virtual world within the platform. Like the coin’s name, the VR world is called World X. Not only is this virtual world used as a means of entertainment for all users, but it is also used as a way to overcome geographic and cultural barriers.

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College Coin

Education represents one of the most fundamental resources an individual has access to. College Coin has the mission of acting as an incentive for users to save money and time. This currency must be kept for a minimum period of 5 years in a Gold B account.

Help Coin

As an international exchange house with enormous resources, The Gold B is committed to social responsibility and everything it affects.
Help Coin’s function is to empower users with the ability to donate to the causes they are passionate about.

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Stacy Dog Coin

This coin gives users the ability to donate to causes like the protection, preservation and development of animal life.
Rather than use a more traditional donation system, Stacy Dog Coin provides a legal safeguard that gives prominence and seriousness to every user’s contribution.

Religious Coin

Religious Coin is a currency geared toward patronage and support for different religious institutions.
Taking into account that spirituality is an inherent element for the majority of human beings, The Gold B’s Religious Coin is curated for religious based donations to the virtual era.

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